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Keyboard access

Why can't I use the keyboard to tab to all form controls (checkbox, radio buttons, submit buttons etc) on Mac OSX?

By default, Mac OSX (before 10.3) has 'Turn on full Keyboard access' switched off in System Preferences. Turn this on and ensure 'For Windows and dialogs, highlight' is set to 'any control'. Access this via Apple - System Preferences - Hardware - Keyboard and Mouse - Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you are using Firefox:
Firefox 1.5 and below: If keyboard tabbing is still not working after performing the steps in the section above, type 'about:config' into the browser address bar and change the 'accessibility:tabfocus' value from its default OSX setting of 1 - 'Text field form controls only' to 7 - 'All form controls and hyperlinks'.

Firefox 2: If keyboard tabbing is still not working after performing the steps in the section above, type 'about:config' into the browser address bar and change the 'ui.key.contentAcess' value from its default OSX setting of 1 to 4.

If you are using Safari: check the version. Safari 1.x does not fully support keyboard access. Safari 1.2 and above does.

Why can't I navigate by keyboard in Mac/Internet Explorer?

If you are using Mac/Internet Explorer and find the navigation does not expand or collapse with keyboard navigation you must either use a mouse to navigate or change browser. Also, use mouse clicks to close buttons, etc where you cannot tab out.

Why can't I navigate by keyboard into Flash content with Firefox or Safari?

This is a generic Flash bug that has not been fixed for Firefox (PC or Mac) or Safari. To overcome this issue you can either use the text version or use Internet Explorer.

Please note that keyboard navigation of entire content (including navigation and Flash content) is most successfully accomplished using Internet Explorer on a PC.

Why can't I use the 'enter' key to activate the fast forward and rewind buttons on the Flash Video Player?

The standard use of the tab key can be used to access the fast forward and rewind buttons on the Flash Video Player control bar. Clicking on the 'enter' key will not activate these buttons, this is a known issue. However clicking the spacebar will activate the buttons once they are the selected item.

Why can't I navigate to the first link in a frame in Safari

Safari implements their focus/tabbing in a different (and arguably incorrect) way. The only way around this is to use [Shift] + [Tab] to go back one link from the second.

Computer crashes

Why does my Mac OS 8.6 or 9.2 computer sometimes freeze or crash when using this site?

Your computer may have insufficent RAM to run many applications at one time. Try shutting down other applications and only opening one at a time (for instance do not have Adobe Reader and Flash open at the same time).


Why do I have problems opening Word (.doc) documents or PDF files?

Browser and computer settings may be set to download and not open these files.

If you are having problems opening the Word (.doc) or PDF files, right-click the document link (press CTRL and click on a Macintosh) and select 'save target as...' or 'save link as...' then choose a location to save the file.

If you do not have these options and still have problems, you may need to update your browser settings.

Changing your browser settings

The following instructions explain how to change the settings for Internet Explorer 5.2 on Mac OSX so that the browser will open a document (.doc) file in Microsoft Word.

  1. Select 'Preferences' from IE's Explorer menu
  2. Select 'File Helpers' from the column on the left
  3. Click on the word 'Extension' at the top to sort the settings by extension
  4. Locate the '.doc' setting and double click it to open it
  5. From the 'How to handle' pop-up menu, select 'Post-Process with Application'
  6. Make sure that Microsoft Word is the selected application (if not, use the browse button on the right to find and select it)
  7. Click 'OK' to close the 'Edit File Helper' window
  8. Click 'OK' to close 'Internet Explorer's Preferences' window


Why does keyboard tabbing not continue out of the Flash Video player area?

It is a known issue that the keyboard tabbing in the Flash Video player on Internet Explorer will not keyboard tab out of the Flash area.

If this happens and you need to keyboard tab to the text version you will need to refresh the page to reset the keyboard tabbing to the default start position.

Why do I get a script error when I try to print captions from the video player when I am using a Mac computer?

It is a known issue that the print function currently on Flash player versions above on Mac computers do not print. This bug is documented on the Adobe site here The suggested work around is to revert to any Flash player version before Flash player versions can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

If you want to printout the video captions click on the text version link and you can print the videos' captions.

Why do I get a Macromedia Flash Player security warning?

In Macromedia Flash Player 8 and later, Flash Player security restricts network communication for certain kinds of content stored on your local computer, unless you give permission. This security measure protects you from potentially harmful content that could be used to send sensitive information stored on your computer or local network to locations on the Internet. To find out more about this please go to:

Why won't a link to a document open when I click on it?

If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2 then you will need to [control] + click to open the document.


On Mac OS/X, why does the video player just show the loading animation and not load the video to be played?

This is a known issue that is related to the Mac OS/X platform. Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer will only show the loading animation the first time the video player is used. Click on the browser refresh button and the video will load correctly. All subsequent videos played through the video player will now load correctly for this user session.

On Mac why does the .wmv video file not play?

This is a known issue that is related to wmv (Windows Media File) files on the Mac platform. You may get the message 'The Specified stream type is not recognised'. On some browsers it may still play despite this warning. In any case, wherever there is a .wmv file there will also be a .mov (Quicktime) file which will work natively on a Mac.


Why do I only get one page when printing in Firefox?

Firefox does not provide the ability to only print the content frame, it will instead try to print the whole frameset including any banner and navigation menu. Right-click on the page you wish to print and choose 'This Frame' - 'Open Frame in New Tab' then print from that. The whole page will now print correctly.

Why is there content missing from my printout?

Sometimes Flash content is not printed. If this happens you can right-click (or [Control] + click for Mac) on the Flash content and choose 'Print' from the submenu.


Why does clicking on links to PDF files in Internet Explorer (on PC) cause Adobe Reader 7.0 to start and then quit?

There is a bug in Adobe Reader 7.0. Update your version of Adobe Reader to version 7.05 or later at

Downloading files

How do I download rather than open a file?

PC: Right click on the link and select 'Save Target As' (Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' (Firefox), and from the dialogue box specify the location where the file is to be downloaded to.

Mac: [Option] + click on the link saves to the desktop.

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