Quality teaching elements

Within this resource there are opportunities for student learning within the context of the quality teaching framework.

Intellectual quality
Element Evidence

1.1 Deep knowledge

The students have to give extended explanations of complex relationships between the science behind the SunSmart strategies

1.2 Deep understanding

Students connect the use of sun protection with the reason behind this protection.

1.3 Problematic knowledge

Students are exposed to different points of view about getting a tan and what it does to your skin.

1.4 Higher-order thinking

Students have to synthesise altered perspectives and hypothesise to achieve an interpretation of their results

1.5 Metalanguage

Technical terms are introduced throughout and word derivations are given when applicable.

1.6 Substantive communication

Each student has to report back to the group with a sustained conversation about how they are designing experiments

Quality learning environment
Element Evidence

2.1 Explicit quality criteria

Students work scientifically playing the role of a scientist. The task is clearly set out.

2.2 Engagement

Students are actively participating in performing experiments and using games based resources.

2.3 High expectations

The tasks are challenging and give opportunities for risk taking.

2.4 Social support

Students have to interact with each other as they compete to be the first to complete the game and receive a certificate.

2.5 Students’ self-regulation

Students have to seek out the information they need to complete the game.

Element Evidence

3.1 Background knowledge

Students bring with them their understandings of the world around them.

3.2 Cultural knowledge

Encourages students to draw information from a range of cultural groups and to value protecting yourself from sun damage.

3.3 Knowledge integration

Students have to integrate Science and ICT skills throughout the resource.

3.4 Inclusivity

Students work in teams of peers. Each student has to actively participate and be part of the team.

3.5 Connectedness

Students are exploring something that affects them all

3.6 Narrative

Audio is used through out the resource.