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SunSmart Millionaire How sunsmart are you?

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SunSmart Millionaire is a game-based resource that encourages students to discover the scientific basis of the sun protection message. We all know what we should do to protect ourselves but there are many questions about the science behind the prevention behaviour..

What is broad spectrum sunscreen?

What is actually blocked by the ozone layer?

Why do ultraviolet rays damage our skin?

What is cancer?

These are all question that are answered in this resource.

The game format aims to make the resource into an engaging activity that students will enjoy and at the same time learn information that will be important now and in the future.

Audio is used extensively to assist students who may have lower literacy levels access the science of the resource. The graphic represents the presence of an audio file.

Audio file

There are three parts to the resource:

To assist teachers in finding specific activities all of the activities are listed in the Resources.

SunSmart and the Cancer Council of NSW have resources available for download. There are also some useful websites.

The resource has been mapped against the NSW syllabus (Syllabus links) and the Quality teaching framework (Quality teaching elements).