Experiment 3: Sunglasses can block out ultraviolet radiation

Wearing sunglasses is a way of protecting your eyes from sun damage.

Experiment sheet (.pdf 182kB)


To test if sunglasses can block out ultraviolet radiation


Sunglass lens will stop UV beads changing colour

The independent variable is the sunglass lens, the dependent variable is changing colour.


  • UV beads

  • Sunglass lens

  • Two small containers


  1. Place 6 beads into two small containers

  2. Cover each with a sunglass lens

  3. Place the containers outside

  4. Remove the lens from one container

  5. Leave for one minute and then compare the colour of the beads


Record your results.


Sunglasses block out some of the ultraviolet light.

Have a look at the photographs of the experiment.

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