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Look out for any new spots or changes to existing moles or freckles. Spots that don’t heal, bleed or are itchy should be checked by your local doctor. It is best if skin cancers are detected early.

UV radiation and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is made in the skin during sun exposure. We all need Vitamin D for strong and healthy bones and to prevent diseases like rickets. You only need a few minutes a day in summer to make enough vitamin D.


In the epidermis there are cells called melanocytes which produce melanin. Melanin is a skin pigment that gives your skin its colour and absorbs ultraviolet radiation. This helps to protect you against damage from the sun. The skin can block out some of the ultraviolet radiation. The hard surface layer blocks out 70% of UVB and only 10% makes it through to the dermis layer. UVB are high energy and produce sunburn.