Risky behaviour

Read the alternatives and find out how risky your behaviour is.

Question 1

You use sunscreen

  1. You use SPF 30 sunscreen everyday
  2. Never use sunscreen
  3. Only at the beach

Question 2

Describe your use of a hat

  1. Always wear a hat with a wide brim
  2. Never wear a hat
  3. I have a cap which I wear sometimes

Question 3


  1. I don't try to get a tan
  2. I like to be tanned
  3. I like to get a bit of sun

Question 4

Applying sunscreen

  1. I apply sunscreen twenty minutes before going outside.
  2. I apply sunscreen when I start to burn
  3. I apply sunscreen just before I leave for the beach

Question 5

Skin checks

  1. I get my skin checked regularly by a doctor
  2. I don't worry about my skin as I am young.
  3. I check my own skin.

Question 6

Suntanned people

  1. I think tanning is stupid
  2. A tan is healthy
  3. Suntanned people have been on holidays and are relaxed