Make your own

Young children love to make jigsaws featuring themselves, their friends and family. You could print two copies of digital photos on A4 paper or card. Print one of the jigsaw templates provided below. Glue the photo onto the blank side of the jigsaw template.

Use scissors or a cutting tool to cut up the jigsaw. Store in an envelope, a plastic sleeve or a resealable plastic bag with the complete photo.

If children make a construction they are proud of, or visit a place such as the zoo, take digital photos, enlarge them on the computer and print two copies. Make one into a jigsaw.

Used calendars are a great source of pictures for jigsaws. You may also have children select a favourite picture from magazines or catalogues.

Here are some jigsaw templates with different numbers of pieces. Click on each design to open it and print. You can enlarge or reduce the jigsaw templates using a photocopier.

6-piece jigsaw (.pdf 213kB)

6-piece jigsaw (.doc 187kB)

9-piece jigsaw (.pdf 217kB)

9-piece jigsaw (.doc 209kB)

12-piece jigsaw (.pdf 220kB)

12-piece jigsaw (.doc 227kB)

20-piece jigsaw (.pdf 227kB)

20-piece jigsaw (.doc 273kB)

30-piece jigsaw (.pdf 236kB)

30-piece jigsaw (.doc 324kB)

To make a large floor jigsaw use a poster glued onto card. Draw a jigsaw pattern on the back of the card and cut out the pieces. Store in a box or resealable plastic bag.


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