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In real life

Why is an understanding of topography relevant in these real-life situations:

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Topography is the shape of the land and what the earth’s surface looks like. Tools for investigating topographic features in the field include a clinometer and a landform identification chart.

Using a clinometer

A clinometer is a simple instrument that can be used to measure the gradient of a slope (steepness)

How to make and use a clinometer



Using a map to identify landforms

This can be useful for identifying topographic features that you observe in the field.

How to use a topographic map and landform identification chart to identify landforms.

Build your own landforms using this 3D topographic map simulation.

You could take a topographic map with you in the field to help you locate and confirm the presence of particular landforms.

Find out more

Go to the Riverina Environmental Education Centre for more information about slopes.

Quiz question

What is the largest human-made landform in the world?

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