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Assessment Keys

Reviewed: May 2008

Keys to Assessment - your ‘guide’ to the Training Package Assessment Materials Guides

These are a suite of ten guides developed in the Training Package Assessment Materials Project. The project was one of several initiatives funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) to facilitate the implementation of Training Packages.

The guides in this Training Package Assessment Materials Project aim to provide assessors and managers of assessment processes within the vocational education and training (VET) sector with a range of practical tools and resources for improving assessment practices in both on – and off-the-job situations.
Each of the ten guides focuses on a particular topic or aspect of assessment.

But where to begin? So much information, so many templates, case studies and lots of explanatory examples to support designing and conducting assessment! The solution? A cross indexed resource. Read on!

Keys to AssessmentUnlocking assessment resources was developed by TAFE NSW as 'a guide to the Guides' to help trainers and assessors access information about particular assessment topics quickly.

How do I use this resource?

You’ll work through a series of steps commonly associated with planning, conducting and reviewing assessment. The Index to Training Package Assessment Materials Guides provides a table of topics related to assessment. From this table you’ll be able to select links to a relevant resource or template in one or more of the ANTA Assessment Guides.

Adobe PDF fileGuide 1: (PDF 982k)Training package assessment materials kit

Adobe PDF fileGuide 2: (PDF 1585k) Assessing competencies in higher qualifications

Adobe PDF fileGuide 3: (PDF 1560k) Recognition resource

Adobe PDF fileGuide 4: (PDF 163k) Kit to support assessor training

Adobe PDF fileGuide 5: (PDF 1011k) Candidate's kit: Guide to assessment in new apprenticeships

Adobe PDF fileGuide 6: (PDF 1476k) Assessment approaches for small workplaces

Adobe PDF fileGuide 7: (PDF 922k) Assessment using partnership arrangements

Adobe PDF fileGuide 8: (PDF 1094k) Strategies for ensuring consistency in assessment

Adobe PDF fileGuide 9: (PDF 7967k) Networking for assessors

Adobe PDF fileGuide 10: (PDF 1245k) Quality assurance guide for assessment

To purchase the print copies and CD of the Training Package Assessment Materials Guides visit the Training Skills Publications and Resources Main Page of the Department of Science and Training. You can get directly to the PDFs and details of CD and print versions also from the Resource Generator website.



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