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VET Research Links

Assessment in Industry

Reviewed and Updated: May 2008

Industry input has been a major aspect of the identification of the competency standards and the development of the nationally endorsed Training Packages for the Vocational Training System in Australia . The development of the Training Packages includes Assessment Guidelines for each of the industry qualifications against which you assess your learners. The Assessment Guidelines are reviewed and revised as necessary over a five year cycle.

Where can I find specific industry assessment resources?

Assessment resources and material that are specific to an Australian industry sector can be found across a range of locations and sources.

The five TAFE NSW Curriculum Centres have a learning gateway facilitating access to a wealth of industry specific information for all VET professionals and learners.

The Industry Skills Councils (formerly known as Industry Training Advisory Boards) have developed both ‘endorsed’ and ‘support’ assessment resources to assist practitioners in their industry sectors.

The National Training and Information Service (NTIS) houses all the relevant competence and assessment documents for all of the Training Packages.

The ANTA developed Resource Generator provides a range of industry specific resources for learning and assessment in vocational training.

The National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) conducts VET research projects involving field practice research. Often these projects use a case study approach or draw on specific industry examples to illustrate issues relating to assessment. Visit the NCVER site and search the site for projects related to your industry sector.

Other Stakeholders

Trainers and Assessors need to be aware that sometimes a State/Territory or National body also has a role in issuing units of competence or full qualifications relating to a specific industry area. For example in NSW there are vocational qualifications issued as part of the Higher School Certificate and also the Department of Fair Trading must endorse any course accreditation for the registration of Real Estate Agents.

Employer representative groups and Trade Union groups are also key stakeholders in the Australian Vocational Training system. Visit their web sites and see what they have to offer.

Industry currency

Partnerships can be formed for the purpose of assessment. The ‘partnerships’ may take different forms. Some industry areas are very ‘dynamic’ and underpinning knowledge as well as skill requirements change rapidly. Access to the technical knowledge and skill development within a ‘changing’ industry sector may mean RTOs form assessment partnerships with an enterprise or industry sector.


TAFE NSW Learning Gateway

Back to TopThis site links you to the five TAFE NSW Curriculum Centres and a wealth of resources and information for workplace trainers, assessors, employers, industry organisations, educational planners and managers, researchers and those in other educational sectors.

There’s a useful Industry Links Index which allows you to view all Industry Links pages alphabetically and may help you to find industry links more quickly and efficiently.

Industry Skills Council links and contacts

Just what you needed – some new terms to learn! In 2004 The Industry Training Advisory Boards (ITABs) were replaced by 10 Industry Skills Councils. One of these will cover your industry sector. Visit the site to find the names of the ISCs and links to national resources to support training and assessment in your industry area.

You can find out more about what the Industry Skills Councils does at their website.

IBSA – Innovation and Business Skills Australia Ltd

This Industry Skills Council covers a range of Training Package qualifications, but in particular it is important because it has coverage of the Training And Assessment (TAA04) Training Package.

Learner Guides and Support Material are described and a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about TAA04 booklet can be downloaded in PDF .

NSW Department of Education – GoVET

While the resources available at this web site are aimed at VET in Schools delivery they can be amended to be used with other student groups as appropriate. The site offers learning and assessment resources for the eight Industry Curriculum Framework as well as general VET information.

Adobe PDF file ANTA Assessment Guide 7 – Assessment using partnership arrangements

 What a handy resource if you are embarking on establishing an assessment partnership. Tips, advice and resources to help you set up and maintain partnership arrangements for conducting assessment.


MARKO, Paul; 2006. Selected workplace assessment practices in New Apprenticeships: final report. Canberra, DEEWR

This study examined current assessment practices used in New Apprenticeships and possible good practice models drawn from Australian and international research. The study involved the review of appropriate literature, a case study to provide a platform for good practice and comparing current practices, a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis by stakeholders, the presentation of key findings and recommendations for good practices of assessment. The study also examined the supporting management and administration of assessment systems.



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