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Songs for children

Singing is a must in any music program—it gives joy and satisfaction and can be used to introduce and develop other concepts (such as dynamics, tempo, beat, rhythm and pitch) and skills (such as movement, playing instruments, and creating).Animated image of a little girl dancing

American sites

The Teacher’s Guide has music, lyrics, MIDIs and print-outs. Kididdles has songs with free lyrics, music and printable song sheets. The US Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids' Pages have sing-along songs (MIDIs and lyrics). Judy and David's Online Songbook has lyrics of hundreds of songs (go to children’s music/lyrics). Mothergoose has 362 favourite nursery rhymes.

Australian sites

At Kangaroo Club share Aboriginal culture with lyrics of Aboriginal children's songs. Kids spot has lyrics only of popular Australian songs. Find favourite nursery rhymes to sing, see and sign, or sing along with Baby Karaoke.

Listen to Nursery Rhymes from the Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI). Click on the drawings below for samples

London Bridge

Ding dang dong—boy sleeping

So she called the doctor …

Three cheeky monkeys dancing on the bed …

In the CLI resource,  I Have Fun with Faces, young children sing a song about facial features as they follow animated actions.

Multicultural sites

Mama Lisa's World has children's songs and nursery rhymes in English and other languages, many with sound and sheet music. Circletime Kids offers a free World Library of multicultural, bilingual children's songs, colouring pages, recipes, crafts and other bilingual early learning aids. Songs for teaching has samples from CDs, books and videos. Kids music town has the full lyrics of the songs in the original language and samples of downloads for sale.

British sites

The British Council site Learn English kids has traditional children's songs, with lyrics, sound, animations and puzzles. The Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Childhood has nursery rhymes and lullabies, with the lyrics and history of traditional rhymes.

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