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Copyright for students. Sites2See. Centre for Learning Innovation

Copyright for students

Respect the legal and moral rights of creators and rights holders. Copyright is the system of legal rights that protects original creative works, including text, images, videos and artworks, from unauthorised copying, distribution, alteration and other uses. Learn more about copyright so you can do the right thing (link to pop-up).

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers and alternative to full copyright. It allows creators to invite certain uses of their works, while retaining copyright. Learn more about Creative Commons. (Link to pop-up with further information).

Looking for images and video?

Try Flickr and PicFindr school searches the web for free stock photography you can use for educational purposes.

See also Sites2See: Video resources online.

Looking for sounds and music?

The Freesound project has Creative Commons licensed sounds (not songs). ccMixter features remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music. The Isabella Sewart Gardner Museum has a broad range of works from musicians and composers for download. You can also find Legal Music For Videos on the Creative Commons site.

A Delicious of list of additional copyright sites suggested by teachers

Send us links to other useful sites.

Bookmarking for NSW DET teachers

Share the copyright discoveries of two students preparing to enter a web design competition.

Find images, video and music you can use. An increasing number of websites offer media with Creative Commons licences, but always check the licence for the specific image you want to use (link to pop-up with information sheets).