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Gallipoli: The First Day—Sites2See. Last updated April 2010

Gallipoli: The First Day

The ABC site Gallipoli: The First Day uses a vast array of diaries, photos and interview clips as well as 3D graphics and videos to create a virtual field trip of Gallipoli (link to site) Note: Flash 10 is requied (link to Adobe site) gap Activities heading includes a sketch from the ABC resource.

Assess your knowledge of Gallipoli landing in a quiz. For a Stage 4 site study, use the site Visiting Gallipoli today to examine how the battlefield is commemorated and preserved.

Other resources

The Australian War Memorial has Volume 1 and Volume 2 of C E W Bean’s Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–1918, and an extract from his journal on the Gallipoli landing.

The ABC has a study guide (.pdf 509 kB) to the 2005 documentary Revealing Gallipoli, and the National Library has Despatches from Gallipoli. See also a task-based laptop wrap on Gallipoli and Sites2See: Anzac Day for Secondary.

Syllabus links

See how this site relates to the Stage 5 History Syllabus.

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The splash page of the ABC resource with an image of overlaid photographs to make a panorama of ANZAC cove. Text: Gallipoli: The First Day. A 3D exploration of ANZAC cove, it surrounds and its stories on April 25, 1915. Before you start: This site uses very large files which will contribute to your monthly internet download quota. Begin with the Quick Tour for tips on how to navigate the site. Recommended for viewing: ADSL2+ internet connection and 2GB RAM.