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Lest we forget

The first ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day commemorates the landing of troops at Gallipoli in Turkey on 25 April 1915. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It became a word associated with the qualities of courage, endurance and mateship, even though the soldiers faced an impossible task and many lives were lost.

Learn about medals.

ANZAC Day today

Today ANZAC Day commemorates all Australians who have contributed during times of war. Marches and services are held in Australia and around the world.

The spirit of the ANZACs is admired by the many Australians who visit Gallipoli in Turkey today.

A part of the poem For the Fallen is recited during ANZAC Day services.

Red poppies are worn and placed by the names of the fallen.

The Last Post is played. Listen to a recording.

Rosemary is another symbol of ANZAC Day. Learn why.
For students

Do picture puzzles or match the flags of countries Australia has helped in wars. Complete a timeline of wars and identify uniforms worn by Australians.

Explore the activities at Kids HQ on the Australian War Memorial site.

The ‘A is for animals’ exhibition has photos, audio and video of animals in war and peacekeeping operations.

For teachers

Help young children understand the traditions, facts and folklore of the ANZACs. On the Australians at War site find real-life stories of sacrifice and heroism and an education kit for primary schools.

Identify books and resources  to use in the classroom. Research school visits to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra or borrow a memorial box suitable for Stage 2 and Stage 3 students. Discuss issues, such as how attitudes to former enemies can change. Find HSIE syllabus links.

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