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More about copyright

Copyright is the system of legal rights that protects original creative works, including text, images, videos and artworks, from unauthorised copying, distribution, alteration and other uses. Every image, audio file or text extract you use in teaching material is subject to copyright.

For copyright issues, questions, problems, and up-to-date information sheets about copyright in schools, go to the NSW DET Copyright Unit (requires DET logon).

The Australian Government Smartcopying website is a one-stop shop for questions about copying in schools and TAFEs. Find FAQs, hot topics, teaching resources, and information on the NEALS educational licensing system.

The Copyright Kitchen has resources and information for VET teachers.

The Australian Copyright Council have information sheets on Education institutions, Educators: concerts, plays & musicals and Educators: using AV materials.

The Copyright Council are also offering training sessions for educators in 2010.

The Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) administers a copyright licensing system in Australian schools and TAFEs. Each year CAL surveys a sample of schools to determine a licensing fee. See CAL Guidelines for schools, TAFEs and independent educational institutions (.pdf 264 kB).

Consider also moral rights in copyright law?