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Discovering identity

Australian screen has thousands of clips from features, documentaries, TV, shorts, home movies, newsreels, ads and other historical footage to study a range of topics and subjects.

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Australia’s audiovisual heritage online

The education collection is designed to help teachers and students make the most of moving image resources on the site. Clips are accompanied by teachers’ notes, and expert curators’ notes also provide useful background material.

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Australian screen is part of the independent statutory authority, the National Film and Sound Archive: Australia’s audiovisual archive.

Syllabus links

This site supports the NSW 7-10 English syllabus requirements by providing rich material for the study of Australian literature and film-making, giving insights into Aboriginal and multicultural experiences in Australia.

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Bookmarking for NSW DET teachers

Use the site to consider widely-held perceptions about cultural identity. Does everyone share the same perceptions? Our perceptions on things like art, community and family are influenced by our cultural identity. Different people see things in different ways.

The Indigenous collection has rich filmic resources on a wide range of topics, such as cultural practices, Dreaming, and representations in the media.

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The National Film and Sound Archive's Black Screen program provides Indigenous communities and the broader Australian public with access to Indigenous films. School Screen provides students with access to high-quality free Australian film screenings in local cinemas or their own school. Screen Australia has a digital resource finder for teachers and educators.

See also Sites2See: Documentaries, What’s your story? and Video resources online, or use the resource UCreate a short film, to make your own. Find other English resources for Stages 4 and 5 from CLI.