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Exploring energy for Secondary

What is energy?

Gather some background information on energy to understand what it is and how changes in energy make things happen.

Forms of energy

Find out about potential and kinetic energy.

Learn about sources of non-renewable energy and issues related to its use.

Explore and create alternative energy sources. Read about the current trends in the development of new technologies in Australia.

Renewable energy

sunflower representing biomass energy

Look at ways in which we can use solar and wind energy. Find out how hydropower works and how the Snowy Mountains scheme utilises this technology. Watch videos and read about biomass, geothermal and tidal energy.

Cartoon of scene with ocean in foreground, river flowing down the centre from snow-capped mountains and fields either side. Energy sources depicted are a coal power station, electricity towers, wind turbines, solar panel, geothermal power, oil rig, gas pipeline, dam on river for hydro- electricity, sunflowers and tanks representing biofuel and biomass energy.

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Climate change and energy

Climate change is a global issue. Use Sites2See:What is climate change? and Real climate to understand the issues.

Get the facts on the impact of climate change and identify the myths.

Listen to a young person’s perspective on what needs to be done to combat problems of climate change. Be informed about current debates on climate change and energy use in Australia.

Look at some cartoons to provide stimulus for productive debate on alternative energy sources.


Discover how humans have increased their energy use over time and calculate your personal environmental footprint.

Learn how to reduce your footprint and read about current ideas in the area of conservation.

Quizzes and Games

Watch videos and apply what you know about energy sources by completing the quizz.

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