Delivering Digital Citizenship

The materials

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In this module you will take a tour of the student resources provided for the Digital Citizenship program and consider how you can use them to support students in learning to be good digital citizens.

You should take about two hours to complete this part of the course.

Digital citizenship website

The Digital Citizenship resources include lessons, games and videos for student use. There are also resources to support teachers and parents.

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View the Digital Citizenship home page, select Primary or Secondary and browse through the learning activities.

Digital citizenship videos

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Explore the video section within the Primary or Secondary area of Digital Citizenship. Choose one or more videos you think would work well in class for you and your students. View these additional videos and presentations.

Digital citizenship lessons

Each lesson addresses different digital citizenship domains and also aligns to NSW Board of Studies syllabus outcomes. While lessons are linked to specific Key Learning Areas, they have been designed to be delivered by any teacher.

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Choose a lesson that you think would work well for you and your students. This Mapping grid (.xls 408kB) shows which domain elements are addressed by each resource. Use it to assist you in selecting the lesson(s) for your class.

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Download and save the Lesson plan template (.pdf 74kB) in your Digital_Citizenship folder. Choose one lesson and do the tasks yourself. Complete the lesson plan with ideas for presentation to your students.

Digital citizenship games

After completing a range of lessons and using other resources in classroom activities, three online games put students’ understanding of Digital Citizenship to the test.

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Two Mystery Matters games available to DEC students are Digital Dilemma (Stage 5) and Party Planner (Stages 3 and 4).

Please note the Mystery Matters site requires a DEC user account.

RUA Cyber Detective caters to students in Stage 2.

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Work your way through Digital Dilemma, Party Planner or RUA Cyber Detective and consider how you would introduce it to students you teach, some of whom you know are unaware of some issues in the use of technology and social networking.

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Reflection - how does this style of lesson delivery fit in with your teaching? Write a paragraph for your staff newsletter or prepare a short presentation about the value of working through the game for students, teachers and parents. It's fine to collaborate with others on this activity.