Delivering Digital Citizenship

Why digital citizenship?

In this module you will read a position paper and consider reasons for explicitly teaching digital citizenship to school students.

You should take about 90 minutes to complete this part of the course.

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Create a new folder in your workspace entitled Digital_Citizenship. Use it to store your working materials from this course.

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Download this position paper (.pdf 171kB) and store it in your Digital_Citizenship folder. Other thought-provoking articles are available at

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  • Yahoo7's internet safety page contains information and links that may be valuable to students in your school.

  • ThinkUKnow is a UK website that has excellent videos about cybersafety. The first example, 'Putting stuff online you wish you hadn't' could be used as a discussion-starter in class. There are also ThinkUKnow UK sites for children aged 5-7 and aged 8-10, as well as an Australian version.

  • Explore Andy Carvin's presentation Social Networking and Education for some history and positive uses of social networking. This could be used at staff or parent meetings as well as in class.

  • Re-imagining learning in the 21st century is a thought-provoking YouTube video about the value of collaborative online learning.

  • Commonsense media has a resource that allows you build a school digital citizenship program if you register your school (it's free).

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What is good digital citizenship?

Download activity 1 (.pdf 93kB) and save in your Digital_Citizenship folder. Use this form to scaffold your discussion in the activity below. When completed and saved in electronic or printed form, this document will be your evidence of having completed this module.

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With your colleagues, discuss how good digital citizenship applies to:

a) students
b) teachers

What are some dangers?

With your colleagues, discuss dangers students (or teachers) could encounter with social networking online and consider positive actions to avoid these dangers.