Delivering Digital Citizenship

Course Overview

The table below indicates approximately how much time you could spend on each module as well as the materials you will be asked to produce.

Module Indicative Time Description Deliverables

Why digital citizenship?

90 minutes

Use provided materials and readings on digital citizenship to get an overview of potential positive and negative aspects of social networking.

A completed one-page template.

The materials

120 minutes

Explore the resource materials and consider how they could be used to support student learning in your school.

A completed one-page lesson plan.

A paragraph for your school newsletter or short presentation.

Planning your course

120 minutes

Plan a staff/parent information event and undertake an activity that supports your role in delivering the program in your school.

Completed template for Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and flyer for your event.

Either a school planner for the program,

or a resource that supports the local needs of your students,

or a modification to your teaching and learning program incorporating Digital Citizenship materials.

Reflect and share

30 minutes

A brief survey on the Digital Citizenship materials and online evaluation of this course.

When you see one of the icons below, there will be something for you to do.



Reading icon

There is a document for you to read.

Video movie icon

There is a video for you to watch.

Activity icon

There is an activity for you to complete.

Collaboration icon

Discuss or collaborate with colleagues.

Deliverable icon

There is a document to complete that may be presented to your principal as evidence that you have completed this part of the course. Some of these documents have templates provided.