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About the Course

Welcome to the Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) course Getting started with Digital Citizenship.

This course is designed to engage teachers with a range of resources, templates and tools to support the implementation of the Digital Citizenship program in their school. The course should take about five hours to complete.

By the end of this course you will have considered these key questions:

  • What are the main themes or areas of behaviour encompassed by digital citizenship?

  • What does good digital citizenship practice look like in my classroom and community?

  • How can I help my students develop a sense of ethics and responsibility when social networking?

  • How can my school develop an action plan for promoting safe online behaviour and good digital citizenship?

Ideally you will be doing this course with another teacher or teachers from your school because its content is best discussed with colleagues. Alternatively, you could use social networking tools to have this discussion, such as Maang which is available to DEC teachers via the portal. For help on using Maang, see the Getting started guide (.pdf 2.47MB).

This DEC course (code 151CLI009) is registered professional development under the terms of the NSW Institute of Teachers Continuing Professional Development policy.

For teachers accredited at Professional Competence, completion of this course or program will contribute five hours towards Institute Registered professional development.

Professional Teaching Standards addressed in this course.

Standard addressed by course Description of course content and how it addresses the Element and/or Standard

1.2.4: Apply current knowledge and skills in the use of ICT in the classroom to meet syllabus outcomes in the following:

  • Basic operational skills

  • Information technology skills

  • Software evaluation skills

  • Effective use of the internet

  • Pedagogical skills for classroom management.

Course participants:

  • access this course online

  • undertake practice and training in using electronic mapping grids to create complete content-rich teaching and learning sequences

  • use technology to collaborate on and evaluate materials they are delivering as well as the course materials themselves

  • use technology to complete lesson plans, sequences, presentations and other resources

4.2.5: Create, select and use a variety of appropriate teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to make content meaningful to students.

Course participants select, plan lessons and use ICT-based resources to deliver and reinforce key messages on digital citizenship. The resources include online lessons, video and game-based learning. Participants collaborate directly and via online forums.

7.2.4: Interact and network with colleagues and community stakeholders in educational forums.

Course participants are required to participate in electronic forums in which they make original contributions and respond critically/constructively to others' contributions. The modules promote an opportunity to communicate with students, other teachers and parents/caregivers.

The Department of Education and Communities is a NSW Institute of Teachers endorsed provider of professional development for the maintenance of accreditation at Professional Competence.

Scope of endorsement - all Elements of the NSW Professional Teaching Standards.

In order for new scheme teachers accredited at Professional Competence to have these hours added to their ‘professional learning log’ at the NSW Institute of Teachers, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Before commencing the course, advise your supervisor of your intention to do so and discuss the course requirements. Your supervisor will have to verify your completion of the course for maintenance of accreditation purposes.

  2. Enrol in the scheduled event* in My PL@Edu using your DEC portal username and password. For more details see Participants: Searching for and enrolling in professional learning events via My PL@Edu (.pdf)

  3. Complete all course activities and deliverable/s as described on the Course overview section.

  4. Provide the completed deliverable/s to your supervisor / facilitator for approval.

  5. Complete the evaluation on My PL@Edu.

  6. Have a follow up discussion with your supervisor / facilitator when you have completed the course and deliverable/s. Your supervisor will then inform the course deliverer that you have met all requirements for the course and ensure this is recorded on My PL@Edu.

  7. Allow at least 10 working days for your details to be passed on to the NSW Institute of Teachers.

  8. Within three months of completing the course, log in to your account on the NSWIT website to complete the online evaluation so that the participation hours are recorded.

* Your supervisor, who will normally be your principal, will have scheduled an event on My PL@Edu. For information on scheduling or enrolling in an event, see the tutorials on the Professional Learning and Leadership Development website.

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