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Staying safe online — a guide for parents

What is a digital citizen?

A digital citizen is a person who uses digital tools such as computers and mobile phones to interact with others, for example, sending SMS and email, posting pictures to social networking sites and participating in blogs and online discussions.

Why is digital citizenship important?

Digital citizenship is the concept of using technology responsibly and not misusing it to the disadvantage of others. As we spend more time online, it is vital to understand how to stay safe online.

Screen shot of NSW DEC Digital Citizenship resource.

The NSW Department of Education and Communities has developed a digital citizenship program for students.

Visit the Department’s school A to Z site and explore sections on Cybersafety, Cyberbullying and Using technology including tips for parents.

Where can parents find more information?

Are your kids cyber safe and savvy? Link to tips from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Tips (.pdf 672kB) from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to keep children safe online.

Visit iKeepSafe and see you don’t need to be a computer expert to keep your child safe online. The Kidsmart site has an Interactive parents' safety animation on concerns parents have about their children’s use of the web.

Screenshot of Cybersafety guide for parents on the Cybersmart website.

Explore Cybersmart's parent section. Take the quiz about your child’s online safety.

A cheat's guide to social media screenshot and link to DEC website

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Kids helpline has short cartoons about online safety, cyberbullying and sexting and more comprehensive advice for parents on cyberbullying. Find safety tips and advice on Connect Safely. Hector’s World has advice for carers of young children from 2-9 years. The UK Digizen site has a lots of great information for parents including a social networking evaluation chart and a family agreement about being online. Try the e-Parenting tutorial: Keeping up with your kids' online activities, part of BeWebAware, a Canadian public education program.

More resources for parents

Sites2See Digital citizenship — a guide for parents

Sites2See Cybersecurity and safety

A Guide to Facebook Security (.pdf 1.45MB)

A delicious list of more teacher-suggested sites for supporting cybersafety

CURLS social bookmarking for DEC teachers