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Sicilia e la sua storia

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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the largest region in Italy. Throughout its history, Sicily has attracted a multitude of settlers, traders and invaders from different parts of the world. Each of these groups has left its mark and shaped the Sicilian character, culture and soul. Sicily was one of the first multiethnic and multicultural societies in the world.

Sicily in the modern world

The legacies of the many dominions that have ruled Sicily throughout the centuries are evident in its provinces and in all aspects of Sicilian life today.

Learn more about the flag of Sicily

The Sicilian culture and natural features of the landscape of this region are attractions which draw visitors to its shores. The culture is expressed vividly through the language with all its variants, the architecture and arts and crafts.

Produce and cuisine

Learn more about Sicilian cuisine and the traditional marzipan sweets shaped in the form of fruits and vegetables known as 'frutta martorana'

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Discover the different elements that have created Sicilian cuisine as it exists today.

Italian language sites

Keep up with news and events in Sicily through Sicilian media. Explore contemporary life and culture in Sicily. Create a Sicilian meal using traditional Sicilian recipes.

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