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Syllabus bites Exploring a source

Using sources

Working with sources activity

Examine an historical source of your own choice or use these websites to find one. It could be a primary or secondary source in either a written or visual format.

Write down a historical question or research theme that relates to your source.

Consider the following:

  • Is your source primary or secondary?

  • What is your source— a letter, artefact or photo?

  • When was your source created?

  • Who was your source created for?

  • What is the historical event or issue portrayed in your source?

  • How effectively does your source answer your historical question?

Analysing sources

The Holey dollar - click to play video

The Proclamation - click to play video

This animation is based on Governor Davey’s proclamation to the Aborigines, 1816, Artist unknown.

Image courtesy of National Library of Australia.

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Analysing sources (.notebook 2MB) smart notebook file.