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Digital citizenship — A guide for parents

The NSW Department of Education and Training has developed a program on digital citizenship, about how to stay safe online while taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

What is digital citizenship?

For an overview, see pages for parents on the site (UK).

Consider issues of using technology appropriately at Digital Citizenship (US), including nine elements of digital citizenship.

A vital skill

Social networking is becoming a vital tool for success in social, educational and work environments. However, it is important to know that different sites have different age restrictions.

Keeping kids safe

cyber(smart:) - Find advice about online safety for parents and kids of all ages from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Understand the social world that your kids can inhabit online.

Help your kids have fun and stay in control online — as well as report inappropriate, harmful or criminal online activities — at ThinkUKnow.

Your privacy is important

Learn more about staying safe online and keeping personal information secure.

Find a Delicious list of additional teacher-suggested resources for this topic

Bookmarking for DET teachers

The changing media landscape