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Aim to sustain

What is sustainability

Can we keep the earth safe, for us and for those who come after? Watch videos on biodiversity from the United Nations.

Aim to sustain banner linked to resources for Stage 3 and Stage 4 students

Aim to sustain at home, at school, in the garden, in rural, coastal and all communities. Estimate your ecological footprint. Reduce your water and energy use.

Cartoon characters 'The Sustainables' family, linked to the Sustainables household challenge website

You don’t need to be a superhero to save the planet. Making a difference to the environment is about the little things in life. Meet the Sustainables and read 10 things you can do right now!

DET NSW has declared 2010 as our Year of Learning for Sustainability. Find tips and resources on water, energy, climate change and biodiversity.

For students

Attract wildlife and see how small changes can promote biodiversity. Explore one school’s amazing sustainable garden.

What is threatening their habitats? Link to National Geographic videos for kids

Explore termite trails and meet researchers working in Northern Australia. Complete food webs and a chain reaction to show the interdependence of living things. Fish responsibly or be a fence fixer to save trees on a farm. Design with natural materials at Trees and Tides.

See a global warming map for the impact of climate change.

For parents

Learn about sustainable households or get more tips on living sustainably. Explore National Parks and Botanic Gardens. Choose plants for your area and attract specific animals.

For teachers

Participate in Murder under the Microscope or fight a feral in Weeds attack.

Contact an Environmental Education Centre, curriculum support on Teaching for sustainability or access TLF interactive resources (.pdf 66kB) (DET teacher login needed). Select and adapt Country Area Programs research modules promoting sustainability. Investigate the CSIRO CarbonKids program. Discuss written and visual persuasive texts and websites.

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