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Scriptwriting and staging a play

What is a script and wen is it used? Explore two types of scriptwriting and how they can look different on the page.

Writing for live theatre. Writing a script for a production which is meant to be performed on stage in front of a live audience.

Study a play script format (click the links for information) from playwrighting seminars.

Writing for film and television.

Read a guide to correct script layout (.pdf 74 kB) by Intercept Film and a suggested layout (.pdf 17 kB) from the Australian Film Commission. Read scripts at TV Writing.

Tips on getting started

Tools to help you get your throughts into words

Writing a play — how do I do it? Explore links for more advice and infomation about writing plays and having plays staged.

LA-based playwright Kirk Bowman presents a series of 15 videos on  eHow. Begin with  Starting to Write a Play (link to video)

Understand terms used for parts of a play. More theatre terms are listed in this Glossary of stage terms (.pdf 42 kB) from Incite Productions. Use Flash activities to learn about the areas of a stage and the different stage shapes.

Sydney Theatre Company ED: Young Playwright's Residency

Do you know who’s who? Learn about the major roles in a theatrical production (.pdf 107 kB), or find information about the design and production of a play at Arts Alive.

Playwrights on playwriting:Katherine Thomson, Andrew Bovell, Louis Nowra, Debra Oswald, Hannie Rayson, Alana Valentine

Writing tips: Katherine Thomson

Writing tips: Andrew Bovell

Watch Australian playwrights talk about writing their plays at

Writing tips: Louis Nowra

Writing tips: Debra Oswald

Writig tips: Hannie Rayson

Interview with Alana Valentine

Watch an interview with Alana Valentine. Alana’s plays include Run Rabbit Run and Parramatta Girls.

100 quotes from playwrights on playwriting.

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