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Cybersecurity and safety

Net security basics

Net security basics. Keep yourself safe and make your computer, phone and other devices that you connect to the internet secure. Use the interactive e-security builder at the Austrlaian Government budd:e website.

At Netbasics, see how the Jones family fares against the nastiest stuff the Net has to offer and learn the basics of computer safety. Sorted helps keep your information secure online.

Your privacy is important

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Learn about issues you may face, pitfalls to avoid, and who can help if your privacy is affected in the private i privacy survival guide.
Watch the animation Think before you upload!


Create a cool online room at Cybernetrix to work out how to stay out of trouble on the Net, and the dangers of chat rooms and mobiles.

Travel to a music festival and navigate through a series of social networking challenges. Click on Play a game then select Digital dilemma from the Mystery Matters list (NSW DET access only).

Cyber bullying

At Smart Online, Safe Offline learn how cyberbullying affects real lives. Consult a checklist. Equip yourself and become more aware with a task-based laptop wrap.

Bullying. No Way! is an educational website for  all Australian school communities and the general public.

Tagged is a short film for teenagers exploring themes of personal and peer safety and responsibility online.

The site Teen Health has information about cyberbullying. Are you a cyberbully? Take the quiz at stop cyberbullying.

Cyber safety

Cyber[smart:] has activities, resources and practical advice, including a cybersafety helpline. How cybersmart are you? Try a quiz.

At CHATDANGER learn about the potential dangers of chat, IM, games, email and mobiles.

More cybersafety. Digital citizenship activities.

The NSW Department of Education and Training has a program on digital citizenship, about how to stay safe online while taking advantage of what social media has to offer. Linked to website.

Parents and teachers

NetAlert is part of the Australian Government's commitment to a safe online environment.

Let’s Fight It Together is a comprehensive teaching resource including a seven minute film and a user guide with lesson plans for teachers, and tips for parents and carers

Use an online safety fact sheet (.pdf) from the Australian Bankers Association and the Federal Police. Find more for parents and teachers.

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